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Established in 1987, Harapan Construction has over 23 years of experience in executing construction and engineering projects. We’ve built more than 50 factories and warehouses, started from a small scale building to a large multinational electronic and component factory building. On top of it, we also built many exclusive houses with high quality standard, condominium, villa, industrial facilities building (e.g.: power house, water treatment plant), infrastructures (e.g.: road, sewerage, street lights) as well as amenities.

Manned with experienced and highly trained personnel, our skilled workforce is dedicated and committed to provide high quality products and services to meet the need of any construction and engineering projects for our clients.

Harapan Construction as a leading and trusted construction company, customer satisfaction oriented, dedicated and committed to provide high quality products and services, and delivering it on schedule.


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The highlight of over 23 years of our operation have been the award by some major contracts from many leading multinational companies, which has given us a strong foothold in the construction and engineering market. Encouraged by the success of this operation. Together with our creative, consistent, integrated engineering and construction capabilities and resources, we are able to execute our operations to ensure certainty of projects delivery in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our vision for the future of Harapan Construction is to create it to become one of the regional most capable and first class construction and engineering company; hence the key player in the market. To achieve this goal we will continue to focus on investment of human resources development and engineering technology.

One of our priorities will be to continue expanding our reach into regional and international market. It is a privilege to have been able to serve our clients who have helped us to grow to what we are now.

We strive to provide high engineering quality and excellent services to our customers and achieve best result in project execution while remaining committed not to neglecting our core value of productivity, quality, environment friendly and safety.

Sincerely yours,

Johannes Kennedy
Managing Director


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