We have a long list of professional contractors, whom our engineers and architects enjoy to work with on a majority of our projects! Throughout our years in business, we’ve accumulated a strong expertise both in managing and completing any type of a construction.

Prefesional Builde

Quality, Time, and Budget (QTB) are our principle in managing projects. Doing

We Deliver Quality

We meet our customers’ demands for high service quality and efficiency with great expertise and an uncompromising sense of commitment.

Always On Time

Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. How you feel about us when we leave the job is important to us.

We Are Pasionate

We are a not only a group of people. We're a team that works together to deliver high quality to our clients.

Pre-construction Planning

Established in 1987, Harapan Construction has over 30 years of experience in executing construction and engineering projects. We’ve built more than 100 factories and warehouses, started from a small scale building to a large multinational electronic and component factory building. On top of it, we also built many exclusive houses with high quality standard, condominium, villa, industrial facilities building (e.g.: power house, water treatment plant), infrastructures (e.g.: road, sewerage, street lights) as well as amenities.  Manned with experienced and highly trained personnel, our skilled workforce is dedicated and committed to provide high quality products and services to meet the need of any construction and engineering projects for our clients

Architectural Modelling

We’ve built more than 100 factories and warehouses, starting from small scale buildings to large factory buildings making electronic components. On top of that, we have also built exclusive villas, a 4 star hotel, erviced apartments, infrastructure, supporting facilities such as Water treatment plant, power plant providing the best quality and finishes.
Our diverse portfolio is expanding into an International Ferry Terminal building, Mixed Use buildings, convention centres and we set examples in every region that we build in.

they trust in us.


they trust in us.